Big Talker!

If you're gonna talk the talk, do it with this card!

By John Bae February 01, 2018

0201 ygo 0

Extreme Force introduces Excode Talker to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME! Excode Talker is a Link-3 Cyberse monster that powers up and protects your allies while blocking your opponent from using Main Monster Zones.

0201 Ygo 1You’ll need to use at least two Cyberse monsters to Link Summon Excode Talker. Fortunately, Cyberse monsters specialize in piling monsters onto the field to perform quick Link Summons. Cyberse monsters like Backup Secretary, Balancer Lord and Linkslayer make it easy to create a Cyberse army on your field.

When you Link Summon Excode Talker, you can choose unused Main Monster Zones equal to the number of monsters that are in the Extra Monster Zones. Those zones can’t be used while Excode Talker is on the field. If you Link Summon Excode Talker, there will always be at least one monster in an Extra Monster Zone. That means you’ll get to block at least one of your opponent’s Main Monster Zones.

Although Excode Talker can be Summoned in your Extra Monster Zone, its up, left, and right Link Arrows make it most effective when Summoned in your Main Monster Zone, directly behind a monster in your Extra Monster Zone. With the right cards in your Extra Deck, you can make this happen with a single activation of Scapegoat!

Scapegoat Summons four Sheep Tokens to the field, each of which is a Level 1 Normal Monster. You can’t Summon monsters the turn you activate Scapegoat, so you’ll need to activate Scapegoat during your opponent’s turn, in anticipation of Excode Talker’s Summon on your turn.

Once your turn begins, use one of your Sheep Tokens to Link Summon Link Spider (Link-1) or Linkuriboh (Link-1) to your Extra Monster Zone. Then use two more Sheep Tokens to Link Summon Proxy Dragon (Link-2) directly under it. Next, use your last Token to Link Summon another Link Spider or Linkuriboh next to Proxy Dragon. Since all those monsters are Cyberse Effect Monsters, you can send to the Graveyard the two Link Monsters in your Main Monster Zones to Link Summon Excode Talker directly underneath your Extra Monster Zone. Excode Talker will then be pointing to your Extra Monster Zone, as well as two of your Main Monster Zones. Thanks to Excode Talker, monsters in those zones will get an extra 500 ATK and invincibility against card effects that would destroy them.

Excode Talker has lots of cool effects and is easy to Summon in the right Deck. Check out Extreme Force on February 2nd!