A Mother's Love

The tragic truth comes out in Queen's Quality, Vol. 8!

By Amy Yu December 23, 2019

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Q’s mom Toko is my absolute favorite character in this series. I already liked her in volume 7, but this volume sealed it for me! I shed a couple of tears while I was editing this book, you guys! (I can’t be the only one who was so moved by what happened to her, right?) 

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What Q’s parents ended up deciding to do for the future of their children (and really, the world) is the ultimate sacrifice that comes from a place of resolute love. I find it incredibly admirable how they chose to do the hardest thing possible, and I’m so amazed at how Kyousuke Motomi Sensei unveiled their tragic story through Toko’s ghost. 

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As for Q, he gets super vulnerable in this volume (and who can blame him between finding out the truth of what happened to his parents and his overwhelming love for Fumi)! He’s really grown and changed from the boy who’d hide all his feelings behind a strict exterior. (^_^)

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