A Message About RuriDragon

From mangaka Masaoki Shindo and the Weekly Shonen Jump staff. 

By VIZ Media July 18, 2022

RuriDragon is taking a one-week break. Here's a message from the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Team and a message from Shindo Sensei with translations for both below.

Ruri Dragoni

A message from the Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Team

To the Readers,

Thank you for always supporting RuriDragon!

This week’s chapter of RuriDragon is on break because Shindo Sensei had a sudden illness. We apologize to all the readers who were looking forward to the next chapter. RuriDragon is scheduled to continue in issue 34 (which streets on July 25 in Japan, July 24 in the States).

—Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department

A Message From Shindo Sensei

I heard that the editorial department felt like Chapter 5 read like a final chapter… But it’s not!! There’s more to come! I’ve been thinking all about what’s going to happen.

But I got a little sick, so I’ll be taking just one week off. And after I just started being serialized in the magazine. I’m so sorry!

This is the first time I’ve been serialized, and there’s so much to do that I ended up not prioritizing my health. I’ll use this time to get better.

I apologize to everyone involved with RuriDragon and to all the readers. I’m sorry, Ruri!

The series has only just begun, but thank you so much to all those who are enjoying it!

—Masaoki Shindo

*writing on bowl: Rice porridge