A Fond Farewell!

We bid a series adieu with Anonymous Noise, Vol. 18!

By Amy Yu January 13, 2020

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We bid the Anonymous Noise series adieu with volume 18! Hard to believe this is the last I’ll see of these crazy kids, but I feel like they all found their way to much better paths.

An18 Panel 1

When we first met the gang, everyone was hiding behind some sort of mask (literally onstage but figuratively in terms of protecting themselves). It’s been such a ride seeing each one of these guys grow and expand even when they’ve been afraid to enter uncharted territory. Music allowed them to express themselves—perhaps in a way that’s even truer than what can be said. Art has a way of helping us transcend, and music definitely provided that for these kids when all felt heavy or lost. Maybe some of you feel that way in your own lives, too?

An18 Panel 2

To Yuzu, Nino, Momo, Haruyoshi, Miou and Kuro—6 dreamers forming 2 dueling bands, always searching for that beacon of light to reach for—I gotta say I’m so proud of them and how they never gave up, even with all the heart-wrenching twists that squeezed them dry. Fight on, onward and upward!

An18 Panel 3

Feel free to show some love for this series and let me know what you think of the ending!

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