The world of Pokémon has many legends, but the people of Cameron Palace believe in one very special tale: the legend of the Aura Guardian. Long ago, a hero and his Pokémon, Lucario, saved the world from destruction—but can it be true? Ash and his friends find out for themselves when Lucario is awakened and Pikachu disappears! With Lucario’s help, Ash sets out on a journey to find Pikachu, a journey that leads him to a mystical tree and the Legendary Pokémon Mew! The future of a world and the fate of Ash and Pikachu will depend on the power of friendship between humans and Pokémon!

1 DVD Disc, 1 Feature Length Movie, 4x3 Video, English Audio

SPECIAL FEATURES: Behind-the-Scenes Footage, Sketches

Release September 24, 2013
UPC 7-82009-24320-5
Series Pokémon
Category Movie
Age Rating TV-Y7