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Pitch Guidelines

  • Story synopsis – Please provide a brief summary of the general story direction and atmosphere;
  • Proposed series outline – How do the story and characters develop as the series progresses?
  • Character descriptions – The protagonist and the potential cast of characters should be described;
  • Target audience and comparable titles – Who are the readers you imagine would enjoy this story? What do they like to read?
  • Bio – A creator bio to get to know you and your creative goals;
  • Artist – Is there an artist attached or are you also the artist?
  • Character designs (if an artist is already attached) – Protagonist visual at a minimum - sketch work is okay;
  • Sample sequential work (about 5 pages) – Related to the pitch or not, we want a sense of what you’re visually aiming for.

More about VIZ Originals

What is VIZ Originals?

VIZ Originals is a new imprint of VIZ Media dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators.

What kind of graphic novels are you looking for?

At VIZ, we love manga and are looking for dynamic paneling, skillful black-and-white artwork and compelling stories that keep readers hooked. We’re interested in fantasy, adventure, romance, horror, sci-fi and slice-of-life works that appeal to both young adult and adult fans.

I’m a creator! How can I submit my work for consideration?

There are two ways to submit your work to VIZ Originals.

  1. Portfolio Reviews: We hold portfolio review sessions at various events around the country. See below for details!
  2. Online Submissions: Have a story you think would be a great manga? Submit your pitch via the form above!

Please note: We are only able to review material as described above. Any unsolicited submissions received by mail cannot be read and will be recycled.

How can I make publicity inquiries?

Please direct all VIZ Originals press inquiries to publicity@viz. To expedite requests, please include the name of the publication you write for as well as links to or copies of your work and/or information about what types of books you cover. Please note that unsolicited submissions and resumes/portfolios will be deleted.

Portfolio Reviews

If you are a creator interested in publishing with VIZ, the portfolio review is a great opportunity for you to meet the editors and get feedback on your creative work. Imagining amazing stories and honing your artistic skills can take time and we want to encourage you to get to the next level.

Portfolio Guidelines

To give us the best idea of your talents, these are what we’d like to see in your portfolios:


  • Samples of sequential works that best highlight your art style and storytelling
  • Best works that showcase composition, character expressions, and scene details
  • Include finished pieces, not only sketch or concept work
  • Include original character art pieces – some fan work is okay


  • Samples of sequential works that best highlight your writing and story ideas
  • List your creative writing work – prose and fan work is okay
  • VIZ Originals can only consider writing samples in English at this time

Due to virtual events, we have no portfolio reviews currently scheduled. Check back soon for our next portfolio review sign up opportunity. You MUST be at least 18 years old. If the show requires registration, you must already be a registered attendee to get into the event. Further details on the review process are here.

Portfolio Review Process

Due to limited time, we may not be able to see everyone who wants to participate. The more samples from our guidelines that you can provide, the better the chance we can schedule you in for a portfolio review! If you are scheduled for a session, it will be conducted in English and you can expect it to take a maximum of 15 minutes.

You will receive notification as to whether you have been selected at least one week before the show starts. If you miss out on one show, stay tuned for our next show to try again, or take advantage of our submission form above!

We are not able to take any story pitches during portfolio review sessions, so please keep that in mind when preparing your portfolio.

We hope to see you soon!