When the heir to the empire comes to Mino, the lives of young Oguna and Toko are changed forever. Oguna is drafted to become a shadow prince, a double trained to take the place of the hunted royal. But soon Oguna is given the Mirror Sword, and his power to wield it threatens the entire nation. Only Toko can stop him, but to do so she needs to gather four magatama, beads with magical powers that can be strung together to form the Misumaru of Death. Toko's journey is one of both adventure and self-discovery, and also brings her face to face with the tragic truth behind Oguna's transformation. A story of two parallel quests, of a pure love tried by the power of fate, the second volume of Tales of the Magatama is as thrilling as Dragon Sword and Wind Child.

Story by Noriko Ogiwara, Art by Miho Satake
Release May 17, 2011
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-3725-2
Trim Size 6 × 9
Imprint Haikasoru
Length 448 pages
Category Novel
Age Rating Not Rated

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