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Infini-T Force

Heroes from different worlds unite to fight their toughest foe yet!

Created by Tatsunoko Production | MoreLess about Infini-T Force

Living in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district, Emi Kaido is the envy of almost every high schooler in Japan. She has startling wealth, a luxurious modern apartment, and no parents in sight. But beneath it all lies a tangle of apathy and loneliness. Emi is parentless and is looking for diversion in all the wrong—and dangerous—places. And it’s the choices Emi makes that teaches her that life can change in an instant. Her penchant for peril drags her into yet another life-and-death situation, this time involving an enigmatic object known as the “Case” and four mysterious heroes. What ensues is an all-out battle between good and evil, and a story of self-realization. The future of humanity and the world lies in Emi’s hands.

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