Hell Warden Higuma
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Hell Warden Higuma

Watch out malevolent fugitive souls!

Created by Natsuki Hokami | MoreLess about Hell Warden Higuma

Fugitive spirits are the souls of criminals who have escaped hell and infest the mortal world. They possess the living to commit evil deeds, and only the Hell Wardens can stop them.

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Hell Warden Higuma, Vol. 2

Nairi-no-Kotetsu is a fugitive spirit who possesses mothers and makes them attack their children. Plotting against the Hell Warden Higuma Kagarite, they set their sights on Higuma’s classmate, Akane, who is about to have a new little sister. Will Higuma be able to protect Akane? Meanwhile, the history of the Kagarite clan gradually comes to light...

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