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Hell Warden Higuma

Watch out malevolent fugitive souls!

Created by Natsuki Hokami | MoreLess about Hell Warden Higuma

Fugitive spirits are the souls of criminals who have escaped hell and infest the mortal world. They possess the living to commit evil deeds, and only the Hell Wardens can stop them.

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Hell Warden Higuma, Vol. 1

Higuma Kagarite is like any other high school student, except for one thing—his family has been charged by King Enma of hell himself to act as his Hell Wardens and return escaped evil souls to hell. He uses his Hell Warden abilities to save innocent humans who have been possessed by these fugitive spirits. One day, he meets Ayako, a girl at his school who keeps stealing things but can’t remember why. Ayako’s brother has recently become abusive toward her and her family. Higuma vows to save both her and her brother and to send the demons haunting them back to hell!

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