Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 3

Yun is headed for adventure.

By Amy Yu December 29, 2016

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[mild spoilers]

Yun is one of my favorite characters in Yona of the Dawn—he's smart, lively and inspiring, and I really think Yona needs him around to ground her. When we first meet Yun, he seems like a grump who's dismissive of Yona (he has good reason to despise the nobility). He's had a bit of a rough past, and his perspective of the world is so different from Yona's as a result. It really makes me respect how he's overcome so many hardships.

I'm really glad Ik-Su came into Yun's life and "softened" it in a way—their bond makes me smile as they are so adorable together! They both want what's best for each other, even if it means that they have to be apart. Yun needs to go out into the world, and boy is he headed for adventure with Yona and the gang!

Are you a fan of Yun too? I think he provides a lot of fun comedic commentary!

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