Yona of the Dawn and the Green Dragon

The Green Dragon leaps into action in Vol. 6!

By Amy Yu June 28, 2017

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In Yona of the Dawn Volume 6, Sinha’s on the cover with Yona, but we actually get to read more about Jaeha, the Green Dragon. Jaeha’s right foot allows him to leap so high that he appears to be flying! It’s only fitting that Jaeha is the free-spirit of the group, not wanting to be tied down, and not even wanting to join Yona and company on their journey. Despite Jaeha’s insistence on independence, however, he can’t seem to leave Yona alone… Is it the bond between the Crimson Dragon and the Dragon Warriors that drives this pull, or is it Yona herself whom Jaeha is drawn to?

Yona 6 001

Meanwhile, Yona takes on the super scary task of walking along the side of a steeeep cliff to pick some Senju Herb! All to prove that she is trustworthy and has something to offer to Jaeha’s allies, Captain Gi-gan and the pirates of Awa! (By the way, I love that the leader of the pirates is a woman, and she is such a tough lady!) If I was in Yona’s shoes, I don’t think I would’ve been up to the task!

Yona’s on her way to a life-changing incident in the next volume—don’t miss it!