Yona and the Blue Dragon

Would you agree that Sinha is your favorite dragon from Yona of the Dawn?

By Amy Yu April 26, 2017

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[mild spoilers]

Sinha is my favorite dragon. There, I said it. =D

I love everything about The Blue Dragon—his mask, his eyes, how he’s so sweet (with Pu-kyu the squirrel especially)… We met him in Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 4, so we were introduced to his backstory and his relationship with Ao, the previous Blue Dragon. It’s really sad how Sinha was treated by the villagers in his town, and it just goes to show how the environment you grow up in can really shape your personality.

I like how Yona took a lot of time to think of a name for the Blue Dragon too—and I find it really poetic that Sinha means “light of the moon.” He seems sad and lonely but he definitely provides strength and light for Yona and the gang.

As a contrast to the quiet Blue Dragon, we meet the brash Green Dragon in the second half of Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 5. It’s really fun watching him spar with Hak (both physically and verbally). ;) We’ll find out more about the Green Dragon in the next volume!

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