What a Leader Needs

The Ultimate Face-Off in Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 13!

By Amy Yu August 30, 2018

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During the epic battle in Yona of the Dawn Vol. 13, Yona tries to help on the sidelines as Su-Won faces off against the kingdom traitor Kang Su-jin. The Dragon Warriors join the fray, and of course Hak is quite the badass as well!


It’s during this awful time that Yona realizes the necessity of a strong leader for the nation. (Her father, King Il, was definitely not a strong leader as much as he was a nice fellow.) It’s emotionally conflicting because Yona realizes that unification is Su-Won’s goal, and he has the means to carry out that ambition.

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As much bloodshed occurs on the field, the emotional upheaval isn’t any less devastating for our protagonists. There’s a moment on the battlefield where Yona and Su-Won look at each other while Hak clenches his glave in anger. This is the first time all three are in the same place since Yona had to flee Hiryuu Palace in Vol. 1, and there’s really not much Yona can do here except retreat.

Which isn’t to say that Yona doesn’t save the day! Who’s to say Su-Won would’ve been victorious against Kang Su-jin without Yona’s help? Yona’s strength lies in protecting her loved ones and knowing not to force an impossible situation. (It really wasn’t the right time nor place for that “You killed my father, you murderer!” scene.) And really, living to fight another day just might be what this princess needs in the long run.

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