(Unrequited) Love Hurts

Love is in the air in Behind the Scenes!!, Vol. 5.

By Pancha Diaz March 02, 2018

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Ranmaru Kurisu chose a college far away from home so he could get a fresh start, but he didn't seem to fit in at art school any more than he did in his small fishing village. He was almost ready to accept a life sentence as a sad loner when he met the Art Squad crew, who welcomed him into their weird family. Now Ranmaru is finally starting to believe he belongs.

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But in an amazing and painful conjunction with Valentine's Day, volume 5 is all about the agony of unrequited and frustrated love, which Ranmaru is greatly suffering from. He has a massive crush on his Art Squad comrade Ruka, but she only has hearts in her eyes for their Chief, Goda. Both of them try to silently endure the awful pangs of their affections, with varying degrees of success.

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Ranmaru's younger cousin Soh also gets in on the awkward crush action as her thing for Izumi blossoms in the arid desert of his attention. Meanwhile, Maasa doesn't have a crush on anyone, but she would really like to have the chance! But her relationship with zombies keeps getting in the way of her dating opportunities.

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With practically everyone suffering the bite of Cupid's arrows, how will these various love knots untangle in the next volume? Who do you want to see Ruka end up with: Ranmaru or Goda? Will Maasa every get a date? Will Soh's first brush with love make her stronger or make her swear off boys forever?

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