Twin Trouble

The second Nishigaki twin interferes in Nao’s relationship with Taiga.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite August 11, 2017

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Back in Volume 6, I was surprised at how uncaring Ryotaro seemed towards his twin sister Miyabi. After reading Volume 7 I get it.

Ryotaro has idolized Taiga for a long time, but Miyabi has now developed a crush on Taiga too.
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We’ve all had a friend like Miyabi, haven’t we? Someone who seems really nice but somehow does mean things. Someone who isn’t self-aware enough to see how her actions hurt other people. Someone who is sheltered and emotionally stunted. Someone who copies you. Someone whom you gently try to guide into doing the right thing when she asks for advice, but she’ll still do exactly what she wants regardless of the consequences. I freaking hate Miyabi.

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Nao has the difficult job of setting boundaries for her friend. She doesn’t want to embarrass Miyabi, so she acts like she’s not bothered by someone copying her and trying to move in on her boyfriend. Miyabi exploits the niceties to do what she wants. No matter how oblivious Miyabi is to her own desires—how emotionally stunted she is—Nao, our little conflict avoider, has to be the one to confront Miyabi and deal with the situation. I’m so proud of Nao! And Futami is really cool in this volume. He helps Nao in a way that Taiga never could.

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The series ends in the next volume! Catch a free preview of Volume 7 here.