Turtle-Butt II

Everything is revealed in The Young Master’s Revenge, Vol. 2!

By Nancy Thistlethwaite June 14, 2018

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By everything I mean that all Leo’s motivations and previous machinations have been revealed to Tenma. She knows he wants revenge on her. But instead of doing the expected and freaking out about it, Tenma is doing her best to keep to Leo’s plan: She is attempting to fall love with him. I found this really surprising, and this is why I love Tenma. She is without any artifice—she just does what she thinks is sporting.

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Can you really ever get revenge on a person like that? Of course not. Leo will now find himself in his own trap for his silly notions.

Although I am 100% in support of Leo and the relationship he truly wants with Tenma, I am still enamored with the Rose King. His slow run during the ekiden was perfect.

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If you haven’t yet tried out this silly and heart-pounding romance, you can read a free preview here!