This JoJo's a Little Different

The son of DIO is the star in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Set 6: Golden Wind Part 1

By Urian Brown September 04, 2020

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Instead of starring a descendant from the proud Joestar line, DIO's Giorno Giovanna takes the stage, but rest assured he's still a "Gio-Gio" through and through. 

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The story is set in picturesque Napoli where vigilance is a prized virtue. The Southern Italian crime syndicate is all-powerful, and Giorno is not about to let his city and its impressionable youth sink even further into the shadowy world of mafia drugs and crime. Luckily for Giorno, the like-minded mafioso Bruno Bucciarati is willing to help him in his struggle to become Primo Mafioso and overtake the Passione famiglia. 

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Together with a group of like-minded young ne'er-do-wells they set off on a bizarre adventure that will take them through Italy and up against an army of dangerous Stand users! 

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Watch the trailer: 

This set contains 20 episodes in 1080p, 16:9 HD on three Blu-ray discs with English and Japanese stereo audio and English subtitles. Special Features: English Cast Interviews, 48-page Booklet, Art Gallery, Clean Opening/Ending, and Trailer.

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