This Guy Ain't No Cream Puff

Big hits and bigger laughs in Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol. 1

By Urian Brown July 20, 2021

His name is Mash Burnedead and he's got all the muscles in the world, but no magic. Unfortunately for him, he lives in a world where magic is the norm and those without it are at the bottom of the food chain. But Mash doesn't care. At all. When he encounters a problem, he punches it. Can you just punch away all your problems? Not in real life, but in this hilarious manga, YES! 

Armed with arms of steel and a complete lack of fear of magic, Mash quickly finds himself facing all manner of high-level mages. But time and time again, he manages to give back as good as he gets. His unearthly muscles give him super strength, super speed, and a devastating punch. This combined with his absurd naivety, he literally doesn't know he "can't win" with just muscles, so he does again and again. It also gives him an advantage over foes who can't conceive of a magic-less foe being a threat. He's not OP, he's No P, but that doesn't slow him down a bit. 


The genius of this series, that's been blowing up more and more each week, is Mash's unassuming personality. His simple, pure-hearted way has a knack for turning foes into trusted allies. And in a competitive magic school full of predatory types, he'll need all the friends he can get. Yet none of these enemy-to-friend conversions feel cheap because of mangaka Hajime Komoto's excellent storytelling. In each scenario, it's easy to see why someone who recently tried to cream Mash ended up respecting him and growing a friendship from there. Mash doesn't hold grudges, he's too pure and simple for that, even after some of the most savage battles, Mash's hand is extended in friendship right after. 


Another wonderful thing about this series is seeing the amazing progression of the art. It got better every week, quickly becoming some of the best art in Shonen Jump. And the spells, monsters, and magic battles have an epic quality and are a testament to mangaka Hajime Komoto's fertile imagination and artistry. 


But the real charm of the manga is that it's funny. Every single week, it's good for laughs. And it's fun to see the progression of what seemed like a gimmick that could quickly grow stale, evolve into something much more interesting. If you're looking for a great time, a bunch of new characters to fall in love with, amazing art, and cool magic battles—you'll fall under Mashle's spell in no time! 

Don't sleep on this one folks, much like Mash's incredible biceps, it's only gonna get bigger and bigger! 

Read a free preview of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol. 1 by Hajime Komoto here.