The Water Dragon God's Gift

What strange power is revealed in The Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 2?

By Amy Yu July 14, 2017

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[mild spoilers]

Volume 2 of The Water Dragon’s Bride was released on the 4th of July! Not too much of a stretch to talk about captivity and freedom here, hm? Poor Asahi isn’t a prisoner like she was in Volume 1, but she’s still stuck in this strange land, and the water dragon god has taken away her voice…

Surprisingly, the water dragon god has become attached to Asahi. (At the very least, he’s not indifferent and doesn’t actually leave her to die…) When Asahi and Subaru have a really tough time fending for themselves outside the village, the water dragon god watches over Asahi and even gives her the power to make it rain when she cries. It’s an interesting power to give as it’s supposed to protect her like a shield—but I think the power it ends up giving her is the IDEA that she has power at all. The villagers come to revere her as their priestess, and Subaru’s mother can’t hurt her as a result.

Water Dragons V2 001

I can’t wait for you guys to check out Volume 3 (out on 10/3!)—Asahi’s all grown up, and her relationships with both the water dragon god and Subaru go in all kinds of interesting directions…

In the meantime, here’s where you can buy The Water Dragon’s Bride Vol. 2.