The Past Lives On

The story of Vampire Knight continues in Vampire Knight: Memories, Vol. 1.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite August 01, 2017

Vampire Knight returns in a new series that focuses on what happened during the 1,000 years while Kaname slept in a coffin of ice as well as (spoiler alert—if you haven’t read the end of Vampire Knight, go read Vol. 19 now) Kaname’s new life as a human.

Vkm 1

And if you never read Vampire Knight, you’re going to need to read that series first.

While Vampire Knight proper dealt with the machinations of the purebloods and aristocrats on the Senate, this series focuses more on the relationships among the characters. If you want to know if your ship ended up together, this is the place to read about it! And of course Matsuri Hino continues to make their relationships complex and bittersweet.

But what I find most compelling is the present. It’s also a story about two children trying to establish a bond with the father they’ve never known: Kaname. Yuki’s children are relating stories of the past to help Kaname fill in his missing memories of being a vampire. But he too is their only family left in the world, and they have only ever heard stories about him.

Vkm 1

You can read a free sample of Vampire Knight: Memories here.