The Friendship of Fools!

Hana helps Takane see the error(s) of his ways in Takane & Hana, Vol. 3!

By Amy Yu July 17, 2018

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The adventures of Takane & Hana continue in Volume 3 with the big question of why Takane is so darned mad at his old friend Nicola!

Tkh03 007

That’s right! Hana hits it right on the head—pride was at the heart of these stubborn fools not being friends anymore. And so, because of Hana’s astute observation and urging, Takane and Nicola take steps toward renewing their friendship!

Tkh03 013

One of the things I love about Hana is how quick she is on her feet and how she won’t let Takane intimidate her. She doesn’t let his barbs get to her, and she’ll give it right back to him in a non-malicious, straight-faced way. In a special chapter at the end of this volume, the two are at a festival, and Takane reeeeally wants to show off his goldfish-scooping skills to Hana. And of course, he downplays things a little too much:

Tkh03 178

Takane fails to scoop any goldfish successfully, so Hana shows him how it’s done: 

Tkh03 180

The back-and-forth between these two crack me up! I hope you’ve all been enjoying their banter and will continue to follow their adventures. I’ll leave you with this cute chapter title page that pretty much sums up how it goes:

Tkh03 065

Teeheehee~ And here’s a free preview of volume 3 for you!

Be sure to check out volume 4 when it comes out on August 7!