The Finale of Maid-Sama! (Vols. 17 & 18)

Will Misaki and Takumi be able to find happiness together in the end?

By Amy Yu August 17, 2017

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[Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

The last Maid-sama! omnibus is out now! Are you guys excited to be able to add the finale to your collection? It was a long, hard road at times, but we got to the end! (In case you’re wondering what that means, it’s not easy translating/rewriting/lettering/editing a 2-in-1 series with this much text with a quick turnaround on the deadlines! A big shout-out to everyone who worked on this series through the years!)

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Misaki and Takumi have been through a lot together, and this finale is no different! I’ve gotta say I loved how Takumi used his “Pheromones” power to escape Raven Castle’s staff. It doesn’t quite compare to Maid Misaki trying to rescue him via helicopter, but still! ;p I’m glad the last volume had Misaki being honest about her job as a maid, and I thought the Final Chapter gave great closure by showing how everyone ended up or paired up. (Honoka and…?!)

What did you guys think of the Maid-Sama! ending?

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