The Final Year Showdown

Mafuyu and her friends face their toughest battle yet—on their own!

By Pancha Diaz June 27, 2018

Oresama vol24 1200x630

It’s Mafuyu Kurosaki’s final year in high school, and the stakes have never been so high. Can she save Midorigaoka Academy from the sort-of-evil grip of the school president and still have time to enjoy the traditional pastimes of the carefree high school girl she aspires to be?

Oresama V24 Letters3

Takaomi Saeki, Mafuyu’s homeroom teacher and childhood friend/tormentor, has resigned from his position due to an incident in volume 23, and Mafuyu isn’t sure how to handle being left to her own devices. Luckily, she finds an outlet for her anxiety and feels ready to face the upcoming challenges.

Oresama V24 Letters

But there’s something off about their new homeroom teacher, Mr. Maki. Sometimes he shows up in unexpected places, steely-eyed and ready for business.

Oresama V24 Letters2

Other times, his soothing head pats tantalize Mafuyu with glimpses of the past.

Oresama V24 Letters4

And whatever his true nature, getting close to him proves to be super dangerous!

Oresama V24 Letters5

Can Mafuyu and her friends solve the mystery of the weird homeroom teacher? Will he derail their plans to protect the school? Will Takaomi ever find out that the finale to his favorite show sucked?!