The Fight Continues in Tokyo Ghoul: re

Catch the next chapter in the Tokyo Ghoul story.

By Pancha Diaz October 17, 2017

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Years have passed since the violent events at the end of Tokyo Ghoul Volume 14, and the CCG has continued with its mission to eradicate Ghouls. Now Tokyo Ghoul: re opens a new chapter in the epic battle between humanity and those who feast on their flesh.

T Gre 01 2

In order to get the upper hand on their targets, the CCG has instituted a new program where operatives are implanted with kakuho, the Ghoul organ of predation. This Quinx procedure has successfully created four young Qs who are being mentored by their predecessor, Haise Sasaki. And while Haise might be the first Quinx, his origins are somewhat mysterious, especially to him. While he knows with certainty that he is Haise Sasaki now, he can't remember the first two decades of his life and strange voices seem to echo in his mind.

Tgre 02

To stave off his own inner turmoil, Haise is focused on the difficult task of training his untested charges and meeting the squad goal of surpassing the premier CCG operative, Investigator Arima.

Tgre 03

And the Quinx Squad not only have to learn to control their Ghoul-like powers, they also have a hell of a lot to prove to the CCG. Many other squads look at the Qs with suspicion or disdain, but Haise and the other Qs are determined to live up to the high expectations placed on them.

Tgre 03

But while the Qs struggle to figure themselves out and fit in, the Ghouls of Aogiri Tree are increasing their membership and expanding their influence. Every step the CCG takes towards total Ghoul eradication seems to be blocked by smarter, stronger, better-organized Ghouls. And as the war to save humankind heats up, familiar faces from battles past begin to show up.

Tgre 05

And despite everything, Haise is determined to prepare his team to face the Ghoul threat. No matter what it costs him.

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