The False Love Dating Game!

It’s the Nisekoi series finale! Find out which “lucky contestant” Raku ends up with!

By John Bae January 10, 2018

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The Dating Game 

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to The Dating Game, starring Raku Ichijo of Nisekoi! Our eligible bachelor may look like your average, run-of-the-mill guy with no real outstanding qualities, but take a closer look! He's, in fact, the son and destined heir to one of Japan's most notorious yakuza organizations, the Shuei-gumi!

Raku Yakuza

Despite this eligible bachelor's bad-boy background, he's really just a softie that wants to lead a regular life as a civil servant. As for his love life, after being hung up for a long time over a promise he made as a six-year-old to marry his childhood love, he's finally decided that it's time to move on! And now, let's meet our lovely bachelorettes, all vying for Raku's love and affection!

Bachelorette #1: Seishiro Tsugumi

Tsugumi PanelTsugumi's one tough cookie! She's the legendary bodyguard of the infamous gang The Beehive, but underneath her rough-n-tumble exterior is a surprisingly feminine and shy girl. She's also a real looker with serious cooking chops! When Seishiro first meets Raku, she completely distrusts him, suspecting him of having evil intentions on her esteemed master, Chitoge. But as time goes on, love comes and hits her upside her head! (Much like what she often does to Raku, only not literally...)

Tsugumi Panel

Bachelorette #2: Marika Tachibana 

Marika PanelDespite her dainty and sophisticated looks, our second contestant originally hails from the countryside. Marika's been overly obsessed with Raku ever since their first encounter when they were six years old! Since that day, she's devoted a ton of time and energy into transforming herself into Raku's ideal woman! She loves him so much, she even has a pet parrot she's named Raku Dearest. And this isn't just some dumb ol' parrot. She's taught this one to repeat sweet-nothings!

Marika Panel

Bachelorette #3: Kosaki Onodera  

Chitoge PanelSweet. Charming. Innocent. And a horrible cook! Kosaki is many things, but she does have one advantage over our other contestants...she's our esteemed bachelor's crush since middle school. Plus, there's a strong chance that she was the "promise girl" of Raku's past! did this all begin? Why at the same place where Raku met our other contestants when they were six! And all of them, for some strange reason, can't remember what happened at all! The two were then later reintroduced in middle school when Kosaki accidentally dropped a scalding bowl of soup on Raku's head. Yowza!

Onodera Panel

Bachelorette #4: Chitoge Kirisaki 

Chitoge ProfileAnd now our final contestant, a half-Japanese beauty hailing from the United States of America, Chitoge is about as spunky and sassy as you can get! She has many things in common with Raku, especially since her family heads the feared gang, The Beehive! BUT, because of The Beehive's rivalry with the Shuei-gumi, Raku and Chitoge are forced into a false relationship in order to keep the peace between the feuding gangs. Though they are constantly bickering, there's a certain spark between the two that's undeniable. Moreover, Chitoge was also a big part of Raku's past and might very well be the "promise girl" herself!

Chitoge Panel

Want to find out who wins the heart of our esteemed bachelor? Dying to know the identity of this mysterious "promise girl"? Then check out the FINAL VOLUME of Nisekoi available now!