The Darkness Creeps Further In

“I’m already half ayakashi…”

By Nancy Thistlethwaite April 18, 2018

Demonprince 1200x630

In The Demon Prince of Momochi House, we learn about the house through a tragedy that befalls a young boy. But as Aoi grows up, his connection to the dark evil he’s been fighting there increases.

Dpmh11 01

He shares emotional bonds with his early shikigami, but Aoi has chosen Hakka in order to control him. Aoi is not averse to using more devious methods to fight for control of Momochi House.

Dpmh11 02

Aoi has always had a disturbing fatalistic streak, so I hope Himari can stop him from losing himself in the depths of Momochi House…

Volume 11 is out now! Catch up here!