Talk About an Invasive Species!

Sailor Moon fights a formidable floral foe in her first dazzling movie.

By Charlene Ingram April 18, 2017

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It’s new release day and we’re bringing you something truly dazzling. Today Sailor Moon R: The Movie makes its debut on Blu-ray and this is one release you will most definitely want in your home media garden.

Featuring an all-new HD remaster from Japan, not only is this a fan-favorite movie, it has never looked better. The film is uncut (presented in both English language and in Japanese with English subtitles) and also features the special theatrical short, Make Up! Sailor Guardians. On the Blu-ray, you’ll also get a special interview with the cast as well as the full Q&A session from the grand theatrical premiere in Los Angeles. Even better still, the box features all-new art from Japan created for this special release.

Did I mention the premiere event was oh so glittery? Let me jog your memory with a little taste.

More glitter INDEED! But I digress. Let’s head back into the garden and talk about the film itself. In this movie, we get to learn more about Mamoru aka Tuxedo Mask, including his tragic past. Not only is there a ton of epic Sailor Guardian action, beautiful transformations and gorgeous attacks, there are deep themes of friendship as well as loneliness. A friend from Mamoru’s past is being manipulated by a mind-controlling flower and if Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians can’t stop its spread, the world is surely doomed. Worse still, her beloved may be lost forever!

Sailor Moon R: The Movie is one of those special releases that’s ideal for both longtime fans as well as those new to the Guardian of Love and Justice. It is beautiful, has a great fast pace and features one heck of a theme song you’ll surely be humming along to by the end. Be sure to pick up yours today at your favorite store!