Prepare the Glitter Cannons!

Sailor Moon R: The Movie red carpet in L.A. was a blast — literally! Here's our wrap up [VIDEO], including theaters and showtimes.

By VIZ Media January 19, 2017

Last week VIZ Media hosted a special Sailor Moon R: The Movie premiere at the historic Ace Theater in downtown Los Angeles—the first time an anime has been shown in the beautifully restored movie palace!

Roc   Sailor Moon 0251

This sold-out event helped celebrate the nationwide release of the movie's English dub, uncut and remastered in gorgeous high definition.

Roc   Sailor Moon 0251

It was truly a night to remember as VIZ rolled out the red carpet (and flowers, flowers, flowers!). Everyone came dressed to the nines, with fabulous fancy dresses, stylish suits and, of course, tons of creative and inspired cosplay.

Bl5 A5931

We also had nearly the ENTIRE English voice cast for the movie in attendance and on stage for a Q&A session, including Sailor Moon herself, Stephanie Sheh, who came out despite being in a cast for her broken ankle. (Thanks Stephanie!)

Roc   Sailor Moon 0104

Here are some of the other talented voice actors in attendance:
Robbie Daymond
Ben Diskin
Sandy Fox
Carrie Keranen
Cherami Leigh
Amanda Miller
Suzie Goldish
Michelle Ruff
Cristina Vee

Roc   Sailor Moon 0251

Our friends at Makelight Studios provided a gorgeous wisteria-themed backdrop that the VIP attendees were able to enjoy.

Roc   Sailor Moon 0311

And did we mention glitter cannons?! Words won't suffice. You've got to watch the video wrap up:

Sailor Moon R: The Movie is in select theaters starting today. Here's a list of theaters and showtimes—find one near you! (Note release dates vary by location, and new theaters will be added in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back for updates.)

If you missed it, here's the extended trailer:

Thank you from the VIZ events staffers to all who came! We were so happy to share a memorable night with you.

Roc   Sailor Moon 0251

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