Takane to the Rescue!

Trouble comes calling in Takane & Hana, Vol. 11!

By Amy Yu November 25, 2019

Takane to hana blog splash 1200x630

At Takane’s birthday party, Takane gives Hana a kiss on the nose, sending Hana into a tizzy wondering what the heck it means!
Sadly, Takane denies that he means anything by the kiss and pushes Hana away with some harsh words.

Meanwhile, Takane’s cousin Yakumo has a sinister agenda—take down Takane in a way that will cause him the most pain! Yakumo figures out that Hana is the one whom Takane cares about the most…

…and puts his scheme into action!

Takane literally flies to Hana’s side in the quickest way possible…

This intense experience leaves both Takane and Hana shaken, and you’ll have to check out where their relationship is headed when volume 12 streets on December 3!

In the meantime, here’s a free preview of volume 11 for you!