Submission Guidelines

A must-read for creators submitting their work to VIZ Originals!

By VIZ Media October 09, 2023

VIZ is currently accepting submissions for one-shots and VIZ Originals via our online submission portal and we can’t wait to hear from you! For a chance to be published alongside the world’s best mangaka, please prepare the following before submitting:

For One-Shots: A manga one-shot of between 20–50 pages. Completed pages are preferred, but we can accept a work-in-progress. Thumbnails are okay, but please also include an inked character design.

For VIZ Originals: At least 10 pages of sample black and white sequential manga illustrating a scene from your manga, along with a series summary and proposed series outline that describes the world you are building and how the story and characters develop as the series progresses.

For both: In addition to the sample art pages, a great submission will also include:

  • Story synopsis: Please provide a brief summary of the general story direction and atmosphere of your manga.
  • Character descriptions: Remember, your characters will be the main draw for your manga! A description of the personality traits, skills and interests of the protagonist and main cast will help us understand the story and stakes.
  • Character designs (if an artist is attached): Please include character designs for the main cast of your series. Iconic manga characters have strong character designs that make them memorable, easily recognisable, and even cosplayable!
  • Target audience and comparable titles: Who are the readers you imagine would enjoy this story? What do they like to read? Take a look at other manga series and identify the elements that might appeal to readers of your own work.
  • Creator Bios: Tell us about yourself! We like to get to know creators and their creative goals.

BONUS! Additional sample sequential work: Related to the submission or not, we’d like a sense of the work you’ve done previously – examples that demonstrate you are ready to achieve the visual aims of your manga.

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