Spy x Family Poll Results April 2022

Find out if fans wanted to be a Spy, Assassin, Mind Reader, or Clairvoyant Dog! 

By VIZ Media April 29, 2022

Everybody wants to have a secret power, well in Spy x Family, everybody does! Even the dog! The head of the family Loid Forger is a Spy, his wife Yor an Assassin, daughter Anya a Mind Reader, and the dog Bond a Clairvoyant! And nobody knows what the other is! We asked fans who'd they want to be and here's how they voted! 

1 - A Mind Reader - 40% 
2 - A Spy - 28%
3 - An Assassin - 23%
4 - A Clairvoyant Dog - 10%

Spyx Fam Results

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