Special Issue: New NURA Chapter in Full Color

We're offering a special digital gift to SJ Alpha members—a full color chapter of Nura!
By August 27, 2012


Return of the Yokai!

There were no plans for Issue 08-27-2012 because of the Obon holiday in Japan, but as an EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL GIFT, we’re offering SJ Alpha readers a special chapter of Nura: Rise of the Yokai ClanThis exclusive will not count against the number of issues you receive with your membership—it's our way of showing our loyal readers love!

Though Nura's weekly run in Weekly Shonen Jump is over, the subsequent chapters will be released periodically in JUMP Next, and SJ Alpha will be sure to bring these chapters to our readers. So journey with Rikuo as we enter a new story arc in Issue 08-27-2012! And to make this even more special, this 64-page chapter will be available...all in color!

Not a subscriber? No worries! You can buy this single issue for 99¢ at VIZmanga.com on August 27!

Upcoming Nura Madness!

To celebrate this special chapter of Nura, SJ Alpha's offering everyone the following, for FREE! Just check back on this site on Monday (8/27) to READ and WATCH features on Hiroshi Shiibashi, creator of Nura!

  This special wallpaper will be available at SJalpha.com on 8/27!

•  Free Nura Wallpaper
•  Hiroshi Shiibashi Full Interview
•  Hiroshi Shiibashi Creator Sketch Video

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