So Much Adult Angst!!

Asuka takes on major damage in this volume in Everyone's Getting Married, Vol. 8.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite July 04, 2018

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This is my favorite volume so far.

She’s in a long-distance relationship with Ryu, but doesn’t press for marriage because she wants Ryu to want that commitment too. She’s honest about wanting to stay home to raise a family in the future, but when a manager overhears her offhand comment about it to a friend, her promotion is taken away and she’s off the management strategy team.

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Then Ryu breaks the news that his network wants him to stay on in Washington, D.C., for a few more years.

Eg Mv82

Asuka has not made any wrong choices, but she’s getting walloped all the same, even though she's doing exactly what she thinks is right. Just like it happens in life.

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Volume 8 is in bookstores now!