Show Biz, the Kyoko Mogami Way

Getting ahead using righteous tenacity + pure-hearted whimsey!

By Pancha Diaz April 27, 2018

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When Kyoko first declares (way back in volume 1) her vow of revenge on Sho for betraying her, she impulsively decides that the best way to achieve her goal it is to trample his pride by beating him at his own game--showbiz! But she has absolutely no industry skills or connections. What she does have is a tenacious spirit, a quick mind, and a lot of traditional Japanese training that she can draw on in weird ways. (Remember her radish carving skills?)

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Now in volume 40, she's desperate to land the role of the ninja Momiji so she can act opposite her best friend in the whole world, Kanae "Moko" Kotonami. But without some training in ninja stagecraft, she hasn't got a chance of getting cast. And the best way to get those skills is to train with Mr. Kotetsu, leading expert on traditional fighting styles for stage and screen. Luckily, Moko has been training with him and has gained his respect.

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Unluckily, he's a grump who's disinclined to like anyone.

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But Kyoko isn't one to let a crank get in the way of her dream, and while she doesn't have any martial arts experience, she trained for years in the tea ceremony. She uses the traditional manners she learned there to act the way she feels a vassal would behave towards their lord.

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With her classic combo of grit and calm politeness, Kyoko is one step closer to the pure happiness of acting in a movie with her best friend!

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