RWBY Finds a New Home

VIZ welcomes the beloved show to the fold! Watch a special message to learn more.

By VIZ Media July 05, 2024

A New Adventure Awaits RWBY

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang aren’t finished just yet! We’re excited to announce that RWBY is joining the VIZ roster of global anime and manga hits!

Watch this special message from Kerry Shawcross (RWBY showrunner and co-creator) and Barbara Dunkelman (Voice of Yang Xiao Long):

We are grateful to the Rooster Teeth team for entrusting us with RWBY, and we are excited to carry forward the legacy of the series.

The RWBY franchise is not new to VIZ. We first partnered with Rooster Teeth in 2016, announcing a publishing partnership to develop a manga series by famed mangaka Shirow Miwa. From there, VIZ deepened its ties to the brand by releasing a series of acclaimed RWBY manga titles, as well as the beloved The World of RWBY compendium book.

When it comes to the future of RWBY, even more great stories featuring the characters you know and love are in the works! We invite you to head over to the RWBY page and Favorite the series to stay up-to-date with future RWBY announcements, and to follow the official RWBY X account and Facebook page for real-time news, notifications, and more.

Have more questions? Please see our RWBY FAQ below. 


What will happen to the official RWBY social handles?
The official RWBY X account and RWBY Facebook page will remain active for fans. These will be your best sources to follow for news. The official RWBY Japan X account will also stay active.

What does VIZ have planned for the future of RWBY?
VIZ is exploring the production of new chapters in the RWBY saga and we will make announcements as soon as we can.

Has RWBY Volume 10 officially been confirmed?
There’s no news yet on a new season of RWBY. Please follow the official RWBY X account and Facebook page for the latest updates!

Will VIZ use former production team members in the future?
Kerry Shawcross, series showrunner and co-creator, will be involved with the next phase of RWBY.

Where will RWBY Volumes 1-9 be available to watch?
Stay tuned for updates on where to watch! VIZ is exploring wider distribution for the series, including home video releases, additional streaming platform releases, and more.

Will RWBY merch continue to be available?
We have lots in store for future Official RWBY merch, so stay connected to get updates.

Will the RWBY Original Soundtracks be available to stream and/or to buy?
Please stay tuned for more news about the return of RWBY’s music catalog.  

What will happen to my Rooster Teeth subscriptions?
Rooster Teeth has canceled all subscriptions to their fan service. If you have questions or concerns related to your account, please click here to submit your request.

Learn more about RWBY manga and books by Favoriting RWBY here!