Riku Appreciation Post

Fans chose Riku from Shortcake Cake to be singled out for some appreciation.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite January 21, 2019

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I asked on Twitter which character you wanted me to feature for an appreciation post, and you chose Riku from Shortcake Cake! He squeaked in just above Rei and 4% above Chiaki?! (Also you guys need to love Ten more.)

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Riku is nice to girls. He only wants to date someone he really likes (an estimable goal). He’s straightforward about most things (just don’t ask him about his family), and he takes criticism and rejection well. He’s also got a wry sense of humor that is utterly lost on Chiaki and Ten. Yes, we do like Riku.

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His aversion to reading means he cannot—he absolutely cannot!—be my number one, but I will appreciate him all the same.

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So here’s to Riku, a character who I think will take a deep, emotional journey in this book.