Oresama Teacher, Vol. 21: Favorite Scene

It is time for Mafuyu to hit her hometown!

By Pancha Diaz December 12, 2016

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The first few chapters of this volume are a comedic pause before we start the final leg of the Student Council arc, and therefore it is time for Mafuyu to hit her hometown! This time she gets caught up in one of Sakurada's schemes that ends up with both of them cross-dressing at an arcade.

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I won't get into too many spoilerish details, but I will say that my favorite part of this silly side story is when Sakurada is trying to spin the situation for a party-crashing Kangawa. Sakurada comes up with the tale that the banchos meet up once a year to determine who is the toughest by way of arcade game battles. The cross-dressing is formal attire for the occasion, of course.

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Kangawa buys it, because he is pretty gullible, and decides he is going to win the bancho battle in Mafuyu's honor. It's a fun little tangent before we get back to a more serious (for this series) storyline of a stolen super hero identity.

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I also really loved the back cover art for this volume. The stained glass windows of all the Student Council members are beautiful!

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