Onise's Past

Meet the Young Onise in Honey So Sweet, Vol. 6!

By Nancy Thistlethwaite May 03, 2017

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Our hero, Taiga Onise, has a sunny personality, but because his face looks scary, people think he’s mean. Aw!

Honey So Sweet 001

Volume 6 is special because we get a glimpse of what Onise’s life was like growing up, and we revisit the day he and Nao encountered each other in junior high. However, this time it’s from Onise’s perspective, not Nao’s.

Honey So Sweet 001

Onise is a sweet innocent, but he also strikes me as more mature than his friends (and his mom) because he’s learned to be strong and stay positive. I’m so glad the people around him now see him for who he really is!

Honey So Sweet 001

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-Editor Nancy