Nihongo Lesson 03/09/18

We never learn?! Well it's about time you did with this week's lesson!

By John Bae March 09, 2018

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Welcome to the Nihongo Lesson feature. We strive to give you useful manga-based Japanese language tips and maybe even a glimpse into the translation process. This week’s lesson will focus on We Never Learn. This series does an amazing job of mixing heartfelt romantic situations with zany comedy. And it seems to get better and better every week. It’s so good that recently someone on the Shonen Jump podcast even called it the GOAT (greatest of all time) rom-com!

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KINKYUJITAI (きんきゅうじたい)

0309 Wnl 1KINKYUJITAI means “emergency situation” or just plain “emergency.” And it was definitely a KINKYUJITAI in last week’s chapter, for Fumino at least. Her reaction to seeing an Instagram post featuring her and Yuiga in a compromising situation was amazing! Tsutsui Sensei is so talented at drawing these types of character reaction shots. It’s hard not to at least crack a smile when seeing a page like that! This chapter was also great for further developing Fumino’s character. It’s adorable that she’s desperate to take down the social media post not for her own sake, but for Rizu and Uruka.


SHIRABERU means “to examine” or “to investigate.” And this chapter had some serious investigating going on. Yuiga and Fumino would make a good detective duo based on how quickly they were able to locate the source of the Instagram post. Well, it did take them a while to realize that the person was sitting right in front of them…

0309 Wnl 1