New My Hero Academia Spin-Off!

Free chapters of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes available now!

By Urian Brown August 07, 2017

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When the heroes aren't enough, the vigilantes step in! Or hop in. Or slide down the street like a cockroach. Or fall from the sky and land on piles of trash. Let's just say, these vigilantes are not the Batman. But this ragtag group of non-sanctioned heroes isn't letting that stop them from cleaning up the streets—one punk at a time! 

While their Quirks and quirky personalities aren't professional hero material, they've got guts (well, some of them) and a can do attitude (well, one of them) that just may end up saving the day! 

See a different side of heroism in this hilarious but heartfelt spin off of My Hero Academia!

You can read it FOR FREE on every week until it's caught up to the Japanese monthly release schedule. 

Enjoy My Hero Academia: Vigilantes by Hideyuki Furuhashi, Art by Betten Court, Original Concept by Kohei Horikoshi.