MY HERO ACADEMIA Character Popularity Poll Results

Find out who won the latest My Hero Academia Character Popularity Poll!

By John Bae December 03, 2018

Earlier this year, we held a My Hero Academia popularity poll, expecting it to be one of the biggest we’ve ever had. Little did we know that this would end up being the biggest poll we’ve ever had, with over 100,000 VOTERS! Take a look to see if your favorite character is here, and then compare the number of votes to the Japanese poll results on the next page!Mha Poll Winner 2

1st Place - BAKUGO
2nd Place - Midoriya
3rd Place - Todoroki
4th Place - Kirishima
5th Place - Yaoyorozu
6th Place - Eraser Head
7th Place - All Might
8th Place - Asui
9th Place - Togata
10th Place - Uraraka


1st Place - BAKUGO
2nd Place - Todoroki
3rd Place - Midoriya
4th Place - Hawks
5th Place - Kirishima
6th Place - Best Jeanist
7th Place - Yaoyorozu
8th Place - Endeavor
9th Place - Ida
10th Place - All Might

Thanks to everyone who voted in our biggest poll ever!