My Favorite Scene

When the going gets tough, the tough throws a sushi party.

By Pancha Diaz April 08, 2019

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Oresama Teacher has been getting increasingly and weird (and you thought it couldn’t be done!) as Mafuyu and her friends enter their last year of high school. Mr. Saeki has left the school and is hiding out due to threats from Miyabi Hanabusa’s enigmatic younger sister and there is something seriously off about their new homeroom teacher, Mr. Maki. Mafuyu and her friends spend volume 25 investigating their teacher and her own childhood memory gaps. It makes for rather grim reading, which is why my favorite scene is a moment of comedic relief.

Mafuyu and her friends are having a sushi rolling dinner party at Maizono’s house, but Hayasaka has never made sushi rolls before! His first attempt is a failure.
Pagina 50

His second attempt is also a failure.
Ot 25 51
His third attempt is a failure!
Ot 25 52

Hayasaka’s sad lack of sushi-rolling skills moves his friends so deeply that they unite to make him a perfect roll.
Ot 25 54

It’s a cute team-building moment, and the gang is going to need all the unity they can muster as the Mr. Maki mystery continues!