Mangaka Musings 07/12/19

Thoughts from the mangaka about their manga, lives and other random things.

By Jeric Llanes July 12, 2019


My Hero Academia
Kohei Horikoshi

My Hero Kohei Horikoshi V2

It’s the 5th anniversary chapter, and it’s still all about the villains. I’ll keep working hard and savoring the happiness of being in Jump!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Koyoharu Gotouge

Demon Slayer V2

I got too excited about my new shredder and cut up my half-finished storyboards. My soul left my body.

The Promised Neverland
Kaiu Shirai

Promised Neverland Kaiu Shirai V2

Renapur leather conditioner is amazing! My old leather bag came back to life. Thank you! Awesome!

Black Clover
Yūki Tabata

Black Clover Tabata V2

The JUMP GIGA that’s currently on sale in Japan features manga by my assistant Ishikawa and former assistant Sakano.

We Never Learn
Taishi Tsutsui


My daughter has completely memorized the We Never Learn anime theme songs. She’s a genius! Look forward to season 2!

Jujutsu Kaisen
Gege Akutami

Gege Akutami Image1

Does Jujutsu Kaisen have too many phone scenes?

Riichiro Inagaki

Dr Stone Inagaki2

The anime version is deep and magnificent, like a major movie. One billion percent thanks to everyone involved!

Chainsaw Man
Tatsuki Fujimoto

Chainsaw Author22 V2

Etsuko Mizusawa Sensei’s Yako and Poko manga is great. I recommend it.

Haruichi Furudate

Haikyuu Furudate V2

My assistant fixed the mechanical pencil I thought was dead. Looks like I’m back in business.

Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru
Masashi Kishimoto

Samurai8 Kishimoto2

There was a cockroach in the studio. After a major battle, we claimed victory. What a frenzy!

Shiro Usazaki

Actage Shiro

I’d like Yonagi to take better care of her school uniform and wear leggings under her skirt.

Tokyo Shinobi Squad
Kento Matsuura

Tokyo Shinobi Squad Matsuura

My assistant said you can see Mt. Fuji from the studio. I couldn’t believe it, but you really can see it!

Beast Children
Kento Terasaka

Beast Children Teresaka

I bought the Xenoblade 2 soundtrack. Everything on it is wonderful. I want to go adventuring again!

Yui Kamio Lets Loose
Hiroshi Shiibashi

Yui Kamio Lets Loose Shiibashi V2

I got two raffle tickets from a convenience store that gives you one for every 700 yen you spend, and both tickets were winners. I’m awesome!

Double Taisei
Kentaro Fukuda

Double Taisei Fukuda

There’s no large movie theater in the Edogawa district. How far do I have to go to find one? Kiba?

The Last Saiyuki
Daijiro Nonoue

The Last Saiyuki V2

My staff got me a T-shirt for my birthday. I’m so happy!