Maid-Sama! (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 8 and Misaki's Dad

Suddenly face-to-face with the dad who abandoned your family! What would you have done in Misaki's shoes?

By Amy Yu May 23, 2017

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[Spoilers Ahead!]  

When Maid-sama! starts out, Misaki explains that her father skipped out on their family and left them with a ton of debt—that’s why she has to work so hard at the maid café and why she’s rather angry and impatient toward guys in general. So what happens when Misaki’s father comes back into her life in volume 15?! We find out that Sakkun actually left the family to help pay off a good friend’s debts—and Misaki’s mom totally made up that bit about him being lazy and gambling all their money away. ;p 

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Sakkun isn’t exactly welcomed back into the family with loving arms, and since he ends up working as a chef at Maid Latte, Misaki has to deal with him and her feelings of turmoil and anger face-on. I think Misaki handled the situation rather well, considering how this man’s absence and her perception of him has such a heavy impact on her interactions with guys (especially Takumi). I’m proud of the way she negotiated a less-than-ideal situation by declaring that Sakkun can’t work at Maid Latte full-time…but part-time would be okay.

If you were in Misaki’s shoes, what would you have done?

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-Editor Amy