Love Confession!

Momo makes his move in Anonymous Noise, Vol. 11!

By Amy Yu December 14, 2018

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Ooh la la ~ Anonymous Noise, Vol. 11 is jam-packed full of emotion and drama! First of all, Momo lets loose his true feelings for Nino in more ways than one!

Anon Noise125

After witnessing alllll the pushing away that Momo’s done, it’s refreshing to see him cling to Nino and let it all out. That Yuigahama Beach scene is one passionate sizzler!

Anon Noise150

I’m super happy for Nino, but I also know there’s bound to be more personal drama around the corner… Meanwhile, poor Kuro decides to confront his love head-on even though the odds are pretty much nil!

Anon Noise102

I can’t believe he has to go home and pretend everything’s okay… Hang in there, Kuro! A surprise curveball is heading your way!

And of course, let’s not forget Haruyoshi and Miou tiptoeing forward in their relationship together!

Anon Noise182

The big question now is where is Yuzu headed? And when is he coming back?! Find out in vol.12, which streets on January 1! Talk about New Year, New Beginnings~~ ;) 

Here’s where you can find a free preview of Anonymous Noise, Vol. 11.