Long Live Shonen Jump and Onigiri!

A hilarious look at how SJ (and onigiri) is made called The Right Way to Make Jump

By Urian Brown June 26, 2019

Shonen Jump fans! Ever wonder how the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is made? Strap in for a very amusing voyage through the eyes of an onigiri-headed mangaka and mysterious editor! Read on! 


Half the fun of The Right Way to Make Jump is the adorable protagonist and how he got dragged back into the world of manga. It’s a very personal and charming tale.


The mangaka is a huge JUMP fan and his excitement about every aspect of the how the magazine is made is contagious. He also breaks very technical stuff down in easy to understand and hilarious ways. 


Seeing every part of the printing process for this giant magazine is amazing and really gets the sense of scale across. This machine prints 10,000 Shonen Jump magazines an hour!


The manga addresses one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s great mysteries–why the paper is different colors! The answer may surprise you! (Don’t google it and rob yourself of the surprise, read the manga!)


Some of the questions answered in this manga have been asked on the SJ Podcast! It’s a surprisingly revealing story!


Without a doubt, the coolest part of this delightful look at how Weekly Shonen Jump is made is the lengthy interview with the My Hero Academia creator, Kohei Horikoshi!


Another highlight of the manga was when Sakurai Sensei came to the office and met Sasaki-san! This isn’t much of an exaggeration, actually, Sasaski-san has said this many times!


Seeing the English-language Shonen Jump through the eyes of a Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump fan was fun. And there’s our beloved Editor in Chief, Andy! He really does look like that!


But the best thing about this manga is the mangaka’s boyish wonder about all things Weekly Shonen Jump and his delightful sense of humor. This is a MUST HAVE for fans of Weekly Shonen Jump (and onigiri!).

The manga is available as a digital exclusive right here

by Urian Brown