Let's Read Komi Can't Communicate Together

Got Manga? Don't be shy...join the conversation!

By Amy Mar June 16, 2020

Join VIZ as we dive into the hottest manga series all summer long! Our next series is the heartwarming comedy Komi Can't Communicate! (Learn more about the series here.)

Anxiety and awkwardness are part and parcel of the high school experience, whether you’re in America or Japan. Komi Can’t Communicate delivers a sweet and funny take on reality versus perception within the walls of a Japanese private school. Join us as we work on our communication skills!

Watch episode 2 of the Got Manga? VIZ Summer Reading Book Club with ChubbyBunny, Michelle Nguyen-Bradley!

Follow along with our manga club episodes or run your own manga club with the Komi Can't Communicate Reading Club Guide. Click to download the PDF. Inside are conversation starters and activities to help keep the discussion going with or without Komi’s signature notebook. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #GotManga on all your social media posts.

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