Kamisama Kiss Vol. 24 Revealed

The end of Akura-oh...or is it?!

By Pancha Diaz June 22, 2017

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[Spoilers Ahead!]

This volume wrapped up the Akura-og/Kirihito arc, and it did it in such a satisfying way! I haven't always liked Akura-oh, but I have enjoyed watching his character grow and evolve. When he took over the body of the dying human Kirihito (see Volume 6 ), Akura-oh only saw it as a means to an end. But being human, even in such an unorthodox way, began to change him. Being cared for by Kirihito's mother changed him.

Kamisama 24 001

At the end, he wasn't exactly a hero, but he was not the same callous, violent yokai Tomoe used to know.

Kamisama 24 001

Yokai are supposed to be unchanging, but Akura-oh was fundamentally altered by his experiences in the human world, with human women. Not unlike Tomoe himself. And both Akura-oh and Tomoe are saved in the Land of the Dead by the women who love them. It's a very beautiful end to the storyline.

Kamisama 24 001

Kamisama 24 001

But is that really the end...? If you want to see what fate has in store for Akura-oh, make sure you get a copy of our Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 25 Limited Edition, which comes bundled with a bonus book full of goodies and an exclusive epilogue chapter of the manga!

-Editor Pancha