How Do We Relationship?

This lesbian romance might have the answer.

By Pancha Diaz June 10, 2020

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Dating in college can be an ordeal, even if you’re playing on easy mode. Add in any kind of challenge, such as being a lesbian when many people aren’t even out, and suddenly you’re facing years of singlehood whether you like it or not.

Miwa and Saeko totally aren’t expecting to find love at university, especially after their bitter experiences with romance in high school. It seems enough to have made a really good friend, even though it’s a minor a miracle that two people with such different personalities even get along.

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When college clubs start aggressively recruiting for new members, Saeko convinces Miwa to join band club with her. It’s a chance for the two of them to spend more time together and a good way to ease into the school social scene. But their fellow members are all guys, and even though they’re nice people, they make certain uncomfortable assumptions about Miwa.

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Miwa should be used to that sort of thing by now, but it’s still an uncomfortable place to find herself and she ends up kind of freezing when one of her band mates asks her out. Saeko comes to her rescue though, diffusing the situation with no bad feelings. It makes Miwa want to know her new friend better, so she starts digging and ends up learning way more than she expected!

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Encouraged by Saeko’s bravery, Miwa comes out too, although it takes some convincing to get Saeko to believe her. After getting over the shock of meeting another lesbian in the wild, Saeko proposes that they start dating each other, since it’s not like either of them have a lot of options. Saeko’s delivery might leave a lot to be desired, but eventually Miwa agrees.

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Is this just friends fooling around because it’s convenient or something more? Join Miwa and Saeko on their path to romance as they learn the ups and downs of how to relationship!

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