Heroine Mikage

I'm cheering for the heroine in the final volume of Shuriken and Pleats!

By Nancy Thistlethwaite December 01, 2016

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Matsuri Hino's heroines sacrifice their right to live normal lives and go against convention to protect or help others. They enter mysterious worlds where vampires, pirates, ninja or magical princes dwell. They are always courageous and determined, and I cannot help but root for them.

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In Shuriken and Pleats, Mikage is raised as a ninja and tries to become a normal high school girl after her master is killed. Everyone thinks this will be best for her, but returning to the real world is never really the answer for Hino's heroines.

Mikage has many choices to make in this series, but she always takes the heroic path and inspires the men around her. She's such a straightforward heroine that I can accept her romantic preference…for now.

Final volume 2 is out now:


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